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“I am forever grateful to them for my wonderful man!!!”

“Hi my name is Carrie. I have spent the last 14 years dating people from on line! I think I met every loser in the book! I met one after another of men really looking for sex! At my age you would have thought men had out grown that mentality!!!

I got a flyer from Boston Matchmakers in the mail. I figured I'd call and see what it was about. I made an appointment to schedule an interview. The interview was very thorough!! I was asked intimate questions.

The first man they sent me was my soulmate!!! We are engaged to be married next year! He was nothing like any man I had ever met!!! We instantly clicked!!! It was that just knowing he was right for me!!! We love each other immensely!!!!

Try the Matchmakers they know what they are doing!!! I am forever grateful to them for my wonderful man!!!!!”

Disclaimer: Finding a soulmate on the first match is unusual. It can happen, but it's more typical for our process to work over several matches.

Our System

At Boston Matchmakers, we know it's not hard to meet people. It's hard to meet the right person.

Our system was designed by industry experts that have leveraged over twenty years of real world experience in helping thousands of singles find love.

Take a close look below at our 7 Step Romance System™ and learn why we really are your best choice if you sincerely want to meet the person of your dreams!

The Extensive Search Advantage™

Our comprehensive search process seeks out, finds and introduces you to great local singles you simply would never meet on your own.

In-person Screening

By meeting people face-to-face we verify that people are who they say you are and provide everyone a more comfortable and safer dating experience. And while you should always use discretion and your best judgment, our background checks also weed out some truly undesirable people.

Professional Matchmaking

Although we utilize technology to assist our people, computers don’t understand the important emotions that surround dating and relationships. Our professional matchmaking staff reviews each match and focuses on your most important partialities and preferences.

Personal Assessment Compatibility™

Our unique compatibility assessment is not an irrelevant score from an unproven test. We instead identify the real attitudes and values you personally deem most important so you meet the type of people best suited for you.

Mutual Agreement Matching™

We believe it is a waste of everyone’s time if either party is really disinterested. Since we rely on mutual agreement, you’ll have exciting dates by knowing you both want to meet and you can start having fun!

We Encourage Face-To-Face Meetings

Chatting, exchanging endless emails and talking on the phone is not meeting. At Boston Matchmakers, we encourage you, once matched, to pick up the phone and call to set up a face-to-face meeting within 72 hours. Then have fun! It's not an interview, just a time to get to know the person and see if there's chemistry.

Progressive Feedback

The more we get to know you, the better we can get at matching you. Using your ongoing feedback we continually work to fine-tune your search until you meet exactly the person you’ve been looking for.

Remember, no matter how hard you are looking to meet the right person, they want just as badly to meet you.

You owe it to yourself to let Boston Matchmakers help you find that person.