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Serving Boston, Framingham, Lowell, Andover, Plymouth, Nashua and surrounding areas.

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Unlike online dating sites where some people never meet anyone, the clients that go through our system actually do meet single people. Our matchmakers hand-select introductions they feel most suitable for you and the other person. While no two people are alike, we use our judgement and experience to try and connect you with someone you might really like.

Over 50 Singles
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We can introduce you to amazing local Over 50 singles that you would never meet on your own. We have a proven track record of helping singles and our team has over 25 years of dating experience. Our system delivers results superior to things like speed dating, singles events, singles cruises, and online dating. If you are in the market for a serious long-term relationship, you've come to the right place for people like you.

Coaching and Advice

There's an old saying that there's very little difference between people who are successful and people who are unsuccessful, but the little difference is a big difference. This is especially true when it comes to finding love. Our coaching programs tap into our years of experience and can give you that advantage that may tilt the odds in your favor.